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Passion for Group Games

Posted in 1 by Stace on January 3, 2009
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My intense love for group games started in 7th grade.  I signed up to be a children day camp volunteer “Fit For Fun” at the YMCA, wanting to fill up long summer days with something productive to do.  I had no idea that that particular summer was going to be the beginning of a passion that I still have to this very day.  The fond memories of tirelessly playing Duck Duck Goose and children chasing after someone trying to “Capture the Flag” with war paint smeared on their cheeks are the memories that helped define my middle school years- and in large part- of why Great Group Games exists right now.

Some of the games that I have put on Great Group Games are based on the games I’ve learned from five years of volunteering at YMCA’s Fit For Fun.  My hope is that these games will continue to bring fun to the lives of others- including kids and kids-at-heart- and others will have the same opportunity to share their group game experiences and ideas online as well.

This will definitely be an exciting adventure, to say the least, which I’m glad to be a part of.