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It’s Spring… Let’s Play Spud!

Crazy how time flies by!  This past year, I’ve been helping out with a children’s ministry at my church in Seattle. I’m so glad that the sun is finally coming out- the kids have been itching to play outside.

Last week, we played a fun outdoor game called Spud. It’s a combination of dodgeball, HORSE, and Red Light Green Light. The best thing about it is that children with mixed ages (usually ages 6-12) can play this game…and you only need one (light) ball to play. Little/no preparation games are the best!  Here’s how to play Spud.

I also found a couple activities and games that were incredibly helpful. Check them out below.


Group Activities – List of 75 Things You Can Do

Looking for activity ideas for a birthday party, youth group outing, or just hanging out with your friends?  Here is a list of group activity ideas you can use to plan your next activity:

For Adventurous Groups:
– Rock Climbing
– Snowboarding / Skiing / Ice Skating / Snow Shoeing / Broomballing
– Amusement Park / Laser Tag / Paintball
– Kayaking / White River Rafting / Canoeing
– Paragliding / Sailing
– Camping / Hiking / Biking
– Road Trip

For Sporty Groups:
– Swimming / Tennis / Racquetball
– Fishing
– Bowling
– Rent an Indoor Court / Gym / Field – Play soccer, volleyball, etc.
– Go to a College or Professional Football / Baseball / Basketball game
– Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Sandcastle tournament

For Fun and Competitive Groups:
Scavenger Hunt / Photo Scavenger Hunt / Video Scavenger Hunt
– Murder Mystery Party
– Battle of the Sexes Game Night
– Poker / Card Game Tournament
– Board / Video game night
Mall Games
– Corn Mazes

For Groups That Like to Chill:
– Movie Marathon – Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Shrek, Harry Potter
– Smoothie / Fondue / Sundaes / Cookies
– Shopping / Restaurant Hopping and Reviews
– Visit Public Parks / Zoo / Fairs
– Paint Ceramics / Knit
– Karaoke
– Spa

For Deep Thinker Groups:
– Libraries / Museums / Art Galleries
– Local Cafes / Bookstores
– Nearby Colleges
– Volunteer

For Groups with Pizazz:
– Formal Dress Up Night- Rent a limo and go to a fancy restaurant
– Swing or Salsa Dancing Lessons
– Jazz / Comedy Club
– Concerts / Symphonies / Theaters / Musicals / Plays

Find a list of Washington group activities at Great Group Games.


Choosing the Right Game for Your Group

When working with children, one of the most important things to remember is that group games are ultimately for the ENTIRE group- understanding the group’s interests and capabilities will help you choose the best game for your group. Each group is unique, and you’ll start noticing the trends by making a few simple observations.

Are the children constantly itching to go and run?  Do certain children prefer to draw or like circle games?  Are the kids saying that some games are too boring or hard for them to understand?  Picking up on these small signs will help you choose fun, entertaining games for kids. Here are some ideas that can help your group:

For groups that are constantly fidgeting and wanting to play, you’ll want to choose a game that is focused on action like Everybody’s It, Snake In the Grass or Hospital Tag.

If you’d like to restrain the boundaries and still have an active game, you can play some circle games like Fruit Salad or Where the Wind Blows.

If you’d like to maintain authority throughout the game (and have that authority carried after the game is over), you can play Seagulls and Crows, Red Light Green Light or The Best Game.

Groups of children of mixed ages can play circle games like Fruit Salad or Musical Chairs, which are generally easy to understand and are challenging for all ages.

Finally, your group’s age makes a huge difference in which type of games they’d like to play.  For example, 1st graders and dodgeball may not mix together very well- 1st graders may not be able to handle the pressure and physical nature of dodgeball at such a young age.  Dodgeball is better suited for 3rd graders or above, while 1st graders may enjoy playing cooperative games like Buzzing Bee.

Kids want to have fun together- and facilitating a game that best fits their interests and abilities will provide them an opportunity to have a great time.


Passion for Group Games

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My intense love for group games started in 7th grade.  I signed up to be a children day camp volunteer “Fit For Fun” at the YMCA, wanting to fill up long summer days with something productive to do.  I had no idea that that particular summer was going to be the beginning of a passion that I still have to this very day.  The fond memories of tirelessly playing Duck Duck Goose and children chasing after someone trying to “Capture the Flag” with war paint smeared on their cheeks are the memories that helped define my middle school years- and in large part- of why Great Group Games exists right now.

Some of the games that I have put on Great Group Games are based on the games I’ve learned from five years of volunteering at YMCA’s Fit For Fun.  My hope is that these games will continue to bring fun to the lives of others- including kids and kids-at-heart- and others will have the same opportunity to share their group game experiences and ideas online as well.

This will definitely be an exciting adventure, to say the least, which I’m glad to be a part of.