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7 Educational Games For Your Classroom

Posted in Uncategorized by Stace on August 6, 2010

Games are a wonderful and fun way to teach children.  When something is fun, children will want to explore and learn on their own initiative.  Harnessing kids’ boundless energy and eagerness into a passion for learning and education is one of the most valuable lessons that a teacher can teach.

I love seeing how children catch onto ideas so quickly and use their creativity and teamwork to achieve a goal. You can see the excitement and light in their eyes when you teach them through games.

Here are some Educational Games that I remember from throughout my elementary, middle, and high school days that you may be interested in for your classroom:

1. Ah, Um Game– (Presentation Skills) Kick the “ah, um” habit and avoid these words in natural conversation.

2. Around the World – (Math or Geography) Make your way around the classroom- see who answers first.

3. Build Tower Game –  (Critical Thinking) Great creative group game- See whose team can build the highest tower using newspapers!

4. Dictionary Game – (English) Fool other teams into choosing your team’s definition.

5. Egg Drop – (Critical Thinking) Brainstorm, plan, and protect your eggs from being smashed.

6. Once Upon a Time – (English) Create epic stories as a creative writing exercise.

7. Origami Boat Race – (Critical Thinking) Your mission is to steal the bacon. But beware of the guards- if they tag you, you’re out of the game.

You can find more Educational Games at Great Group Games and useful teacher tips at TEFL Tips blog.

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  1. Adrian said,

    I will add more of it.

    Dinner Dash – Trains your vision

    Typing Maniac – Trains your typing

    And some others of it.

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