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It’s Spring… Let’s Play Spud!

Crazy how time flies by!  This past year, I’ve been helping out with a children’s ministry at my church in Seattle. I’m so glad that the sun is finally coming out- the kids have been itching to play outside.

Last week, we played a fun outdoor game called Spud. It’s a combination of dodgeball, HORSE, and Red Light Green Light. The best thing about it is that children with mixed ages (usually ages 6-12) can play this game…and you only need one (light) ball to play. Little/no preparation games are the best!  Here’s how to play Spud.

I also found a couple activities and games that were incredibly helpful. Check them out below.


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  1. Nick Johnson said,

    This is a great game idea; I will use it this summer! Thank you.

    Check out Kids Ministry Resources for more great game ideas.

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