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Group Activities – List of 75 Things You Can Do

Looking for activity ideas for a birthday party, youth group outing, or just hanging out with your friends?  Here is a list of group activity ideas you can use to plan your next activity:

For Adventurous Groups:
- Rock Climbing
- Snowboarding / Skiing / Ice Skating / Snow Shoeing / Broomballing
- Amusement Park / Laser Tag / Paintball
- Kayaking / White River Rafting / Canoeing
- Paragliding / Sailing
- Camping / Hiking / Biking
- Road Trip

For Sporty Groups:
- Swimming / Tennis / Racquetball
- Fishing
- Bowling
- Rent an Indoor Court / Gym / Field – Play soccer, volleyball, etc.
- Go to a College or Professional Football / Baseball / Basketball game
- Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Sandcastle tournament

For Fun and Competitive Groups:
- Scavenger Hunt / Photo Scavenger Hunt / Video Scavenger Hunt
- Murder Mystery Party
- Battle of the Sexes Game Night
- Poker / Card Game Tournament
- Board / Video game night
- Mall Games
- Corn Mazes

For Groups That Like to Chill:
- Movie Marathon – Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Shrek, Harry Potter
- Smoothie / Fondue / Sundaes / Cookies
- Shopping / Restaurant Hopping and Reviews
- Visit Public Parks / Zoo / Fairs
- Paint Ceramics / Knit
- Karaoke
- Spa

For Deep Thinker Groups:
- Libraries / Museums / Art Galleries
- Local Cafes / Bookstores
- Nearby Colleges
- Volunteer

For Groups with Pizazz:
- Formal Dress Up Night- Rent a limo and go to a fancy restaurant
- Swing or Salsa Dancing Lessons
- Jazz / Comedy Club
- Concerts / Symphonies / Theaters / Musicals / Plays

Find a list of Washington group activities at Great Group Games.


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  1. oyun said,

    Good group activity ideas, thanks.

  2. Emily said,

    I’ve played many of these over the last few years; they’re all good fun. Now that I’ve got little girls, I try to encourage them to play these regular games, but ask them to think of ways in which the rules can be changed. It’s a great way to get them involved and make playtime learning time too ;)

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